Sunday, August 2, 2009

7-Layer Salad...MY WAY!

Ok, I got the original recipe from a friend, and I have tweaked it a bit to my preference. Feel free to do so as well! The ingredients are in the order of the layer starting, of course, with the bottom layer, and I put mine in a HUGE Pyrex bowl left to me by my granny. ENJOY!!

1-head of shredded lettuce. (You can cheat and use a bag of shredded lettuce. I do!)

1-Medium Onion chopped finely and layered on top of the lettuce.

1-Bell Pepper finely chopped and layered on top of the onion.( I use green, but any will do)

1-Small package of frozen sweet peas. Thawed but NOT COOKED. Layer on top of pepper.

1-Small bottle of Ranch dressing. Today I got Bacon Ranch, but I guess any dressing will do. Pour this in an even layer OVER the peas.

Shredded Cheese. I use cheddar in a thick layer on top of the dressing.

Crumble bacon on top of the cheese. (I use a lot. Hahaha)

Assemble the ingredients in the above order. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Over night is best allowing all of the flavors to mingle. Some people will actually toss all of the ingredients before serving, but I just dip it out as I go. It makes a TON!!!

I hope you like it!!


  1. my mom used to make this. The major diff is no dressing-but instead on the very top-sour cream mixed w/ mayo then sugar spinkled on the top of that. SOunds weird-but it is good. I have made and added other stuff-like sliced raw yellow squash and grape tomatoes.

  2. I want to put cucumbers in it too, but I bet the squash would be great!

  3. Cucumbers would be good! Maybe some crasins? I like the tartness of them in salads.