Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm SO Ready!

I've got about a million things running through my head right now. 
I'm Ready for my husband to get home.
I'm Ready to close on our house.
I'm Ready to have some time off from work.
I'm Ready to get on with my life.
I'm Ready to see what new adventures life has in store.

I'm NOT Ready to leave Kendra to finish school.
I'm NOT Ready for her to start college.
I AM Ready for her to see what new adventures life has in store.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today's Rant!!

I started to post on facebook, but I thought it would come out whiny, which is actually what I want to do. LOL. WHINE....A LOT! People have a CHOICE to read my blog, but if I put it on facebook, if they are my friends they pretty much HAVE to read it. LOL So, here I go!

I am physically and emotionally exhausted! Trying to get everything done for this mortgage is driving me absolutely batty. They still haven't been able to inspect the septic tank. My Dad has forbade me to go and dismantle the deck. He says he is going to get someone to do it, and all I can see is time ticking away. It is driving me CRAZY(er)!!! 

We still haven't heard back from the appraisal yet everyone tells me not to worry. I am sick of people telling me not to worry when we are supposed to close in less than three weeks!!!!! At this point I am one big bundle of WORRY!!

THEN, I wake up this morning to a voice mail from a friend who hasn't initiated a conversation with me in WEEKS and it says, "I have NEVER not answered a phone call from you. That is just plain RUDE." Well, excuse the FUCK out of me! You do NOT have a monopoly on problems!! #1)My phone was turned down, because I forgot to turn it back up when I got home from WORK. #2) I WAS IN BED IN A COMA #3) Try calling me during the day when I haven't been working like a fucking slave for 12 hours a day for the past 3 days!!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool Change....

I am loving these Fall mornings. Even though the days are still getting quite warm, the morning feels like a taste of heaven. Fall is my favorite season. The smell of drying leaves, the crunch of those leaves beneath my feet, and my most favorite of all the colors!

With this coming Fall there are more than seasonal changes coming. Hopefully, my family and I will be moving into a new home. Well, not a new home, it was my Grandparent's home, but we are buying it. I am hoping my family is ready for the changes we will be making in it. Right now it is very outdated and "vanilla." I plan on infusing it with color and LIFE.

My Grandfather died when I was 4 years old. He was a big man both in stature and personality. He was kind and loving, and even though he died when I was very young I still remember that about him. My Grandmother died last year. She was bitter and hateful. Basically, she sucked every bit of joy from any occasion. She chose her favorites, and she made damn sure that those that weren't knew it. Of course, I wasn't a favorite not even close. Never was. Not even as a very small child.

ANYWAY, we are buying HER house. It is a beautiful home that she and my Grandfather bought together. She and her abusive second husband lived in it until she died last year. He went into a nursing home. My family will bring back the love and life that the house had before my Grandfather passed away, and make it into the loving and warm home that it should be.

Times they are a changin'.....For the better!!! I certainly do love Fall.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Thoughts on 9/11...Not That Anyone Cares...

So, here we are on the 10th anniversary of the worst act of domestic terrorism ever. The television stations have been showing it over and over and over all day. The "Mastermind" behind these attacks was reported to be killed earlier this year, yet we were denied his "head on a stake," and he was "buried at sea." I find this all very convenient as well as suspect considering that 2012 is an election year. So we have a memorial today. Fine. How many people have died in horrible Unpredictable accidents over the past 10 years? How many fire fighters and policemen and women? Countless. Will we celebrate their lives every 10 years? I think not. What makes it worse is that we have helped to fund Al Quaida in overthrowing Ghadaffi, and NOW we are letting Libya build a an embassy in Washington, DC. WOW, may as well have let Bin Laden himself move in right next door.

So, if you see a fireman/woman or a policeman/woman thank them not for 9/11, but for the job that they continue to do on a daily basis!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


What can I say? I'm addicted to the stuff. Actually, I'm addicted to a lot of things, most are benign, and none are illegal. I guess maybe addicted is a harsh word. Obsessive, Compulsive, Impulsive. All words I would use to describe myself. All of which are controlled MOST of the time through psychotherapy and psychochemestry. LOL, I just made that word up, but I like it. Sounds much better than the dreaded "psychiatric medication" that I take for my Bi-Polar Disorder. Like I have said before, at least I know I have a problem and seek treatment. I don't self medicate with Alcohol or illegal drugs.

SOOO, back to the coffee that I swill by the gallons. I love it. Just plain old coffee with cream and Splenda. I like a nice Breakfast Blend, and I do like cinnamon in it occasionally. For the most part, I'm a simple girl addicted to caffeine. That is my confession for the day. Not that it is a confession, anyone that knows me KNOWS that I drink a LOT of coffee. LOL I just felt like writing about it, and I had nothing better to do at the time. Maybe one day, I'll write about some of my other addictions, that are not as well known. ^^

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspector Gadget....

I had the home inspection and termite inspection done on our prospective new home. Nothing major found wrong. The inspector said that for a home to be almost 40 years old it was in excellent condition. I was glad to hear that. The septic inspector stood us up. I was a bit more than pissed since it is a bit of a road trip for me. No termites either. Yay!

My sister has found other living arrangements and will be out of the house by October 1st. Of course, there are still a few kinks in the process. A cousin took an oil lamp that was supposed to NOT go to him. He just took it when he knew good and well it was supposed to go to my grandmother's niece. Some people think they are just entitled to things. I go in with no sense of entitlement at all. I was never close to my grandmother. Not necessarily of MY choosing. When you are little, it is the responsibility of the ADULT to nurture the relationship which she did not, so when I grew up, I never felt the obligation. I know that may sound cold and heartless, but how can you have feelings for someone that never really gave a damn about you?

ANYWAY, our mortgage broker says that everything is looking great on her end, and everything is going good on our end, so hopefully we will be closing on our house mid-October. THEN and ONLY THEN will the squabbling stop, because whatever is left that I don't want will go to Good-Will cuz that's how I roll........