Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Been A While

I know I haven't written in a while, but I have been busy with doctors appointments, school, and sleeping. I know sleeping isn't considered an activity. It is more of an inactivity, but it is a necessary evil sometimes. Fatigue is a part of this demon I am fighting, and actually it is one of the worst parts. The other worst part is the brain fogginess and memory loss. All of the other symptoms they have a treatment for, but the ones I find the most bothersome and frustrating I have to just deal with.

So yesterday I visited the eye doctor to have my yearly exam. I felt like I would need bifocals, but I was not expecting the results that I actually got. My vision has deteriorated to the point that WITH my glasses my left eye was 20/80 and my right eye was 20/100. I also have little to no peripheral vision, and of course I need bifocals. So, the doctor said that she wants to get an official referral from my primary doctor to conduct additional testing. So, I go to the eye doctor tomorrow to have that done, and depending on the results I may have to visit my neurologist ASAP instead of my appointment which is the first week in August.

So, Zac starts school on Monday, and we have Kendra's orientation at UGA the 1st and 2nd of August. She moves into her dorm the 8th of August, and she starts classes on the 13th of August. GO DAWGS!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swallowing the Snake...

Well, I went to the Gastroenterologist today because of the horrible reflux I have been having. I guess the big jolt of Sjogren's has put it into overdrive, and I have it no matter what time of day, but it is especially bad at night. It gets so bad at night that at least 3-5 times a week I end up vomiting. I know, you really wanted to hear that right.

Anyhoo, they have scheduled me for an Upper GI Endoscopy on July 30th.  I wish I would pass one of these tests!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today was Weird...

I got up at a decent hour, around 0930 I suppose, did my little morning routine of feeding the cat, giving her fresh water, taking my morning meds, etc...My head felt a little fuzzy, so I fixed a cup of coffee and a glass ice water to go with it hoping that would clear the cobwebs, and I sat down at my computer to work on my class assignments for the week.

I sipped my coffee and drank my water and looked over  my work for the week. I read a paragraph then I read it again and again. I found that I could not stay on task, and the words were running together. I understand that this is all a part of my disease process, I am ready for a remission. I did finally get the reading work done and the first two assignments done, but I am sure they are not up to par like my work usually is. I won't look at them today. I'm afraid to see how asstastic they may be. LOL

I have an appointment with another specialist tomorrow. It is a Gastroenterologist. Yay me. All part of the Sjogren's.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sjogren's Syndrome

This is my Life....Welcome to my World!!!

Sjogren's body symptoms
Symptoms vary from person to person but may include:
  • a dry, gritty or burning sensation in the eyes
  • dry mouth
  • difficulty talking, chewing or swallowing
  • a sore or cracked tongue
  • dry or burning throat
  • dry or peeling lips
  • a change in taste or smell
  • increased dental decay
  • joint pain
  • vaginal and skin dryness
  • digestive problems
  • dry nose
  • fatigue

I Went to Hell Today

otherwise known as Wal-Mart. I am trying to do more. Kendra, her boyfriend Isaiah, my other daughter Deysha, all went with me. I had to get school supplies for Zac, and I wanted to do it ASAP, because his first day of 5th Grade is July 30th, 2012. 

I seriously hate Wal-Mart, and my illness makes me hate it more. I get fatigued very easily, and my mind runs off track which is why I had to leave Zac at home. I do not deal with distractions very well, so I depended on my cohorts to keep me on track.

So, list in hand and my sweet family by my side I got it done. When I got home I was too exhausted to put it up, so I took a cool shower and sat down for a bit. Hopefully my second wind will set in.

I'm going to do a blog about Sjogren's Syndrome in a bit, so you will know what I am talking about. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I saw the new Rheumatologist today. She did a very comprehensive exam including a history and physical, imagine that? With the labwork, symptoms, and xrays that she had she diagnosed me with Sjogren's syndrome which is what everyone was suspecting. Unfortunately, the one drug they use to treat it mainly Placquenil, I am deathly allergic to . Yay me. At least I have a name for it finally. They drew more blood, and I have to go back in two weeks. I also have to see the GI  doc next week. For now, we treat the symptoms, so I'm in for another Neuro visit as well.

One answer down. A million more questions. Thankful for the one though.

Ready or Not...

I go to the new Rheumatologist today. Here's to hoping this one isn't bat shit crazy like the first one, and hopefully they are not related. LOL The way my luck has been going it will be her sister or husband or some crazy shit like that. I'm going in with high hopes that someone will figure out what the hell is wrong with me finally.

Anyway, I gave up and traded my jeep in for a less expensive car. Making ends meet without me working was becoming damn near impossible, and buying gas plus the payment on the jeep was not helping. So, I traded it in and got a 2012 Nissan Versa. It is very cute and roomy and works out just fine, especially since I do not drive too much.

That's what is going on in my life today. Wish me luck!