Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Thoughts on 9/11...Not That Anyone Cares...

So, here we are on the 10th anniversary of the worst act of domestic terrorism ever. The television stations have been showing it over and over and over all day. The "Mastermind" behind these attacks was reported to be killed earlier this year, yet we were denied his "head on a stake," and he was "buried at sea." I find this all very convenient as well as suspect considering that 2012 is an election year. So we have a memorial today. Fine. How many people have died in horrible Unpredictable accidents over the past 10 years? How many fire fighters and policemen and women? Countless. Will we celebrate their lives every 10 years? I think not. What makes it worse is that we have helped to fund Al Quaida in overthrowing Ghadaffi, and NOW we are letting Libya build a an embassy in Washington, DC. WOW, may as well have let Bin Laden himself move in right next door.

So, if you see a fireman/woman or a policeman/woman thank them not for 9/11, but for the job that they continue to do on a daily basis!

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