Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool Change....

I am loving these Fall mornings. Even though the days are still getting quite warm, the morning feels like a taste of heaven. Fall is my favorite season. The smell of drying leaves, the crunch of those leaves beneath my feet, and my most favorite of all the colors!

With this coming Fall there are more than seasonal changes coming. Hopefully, my family and I will be moving into a new home. Well, not a new home, it was my Grandparent's home, but we are buying it. I am hoping my family is ready for the changes we will be making in it. Right now it is very outdated and "vanilla." I plan on infusing it with color and LIFE.

My Grandfather died when I was 4 years old. He was a big man both in stature and personality. He was kind and loving, and even though he died when I was very young I still remember that about him. My Grandmother died last year. She was bitter and hateful. Basically, she sucked every bit of joy from any occasion. She chose her favorites, and she made damn sure that those that weren't knew it. Of course, I wasn't a favorite not even close. Never was. Not even as a very small child.

ANYWAY, we are buying HER house. It is a beautiful home that she and my Grandfather bought together. She and her abusive second husband lived in it until she died last year. He went into a nursing home. My family will bring back the love and life that the house had before my Grandfather passed away, and make it into the loving and warm home that it should be.

Times they are a changin'.....For the better!!! I certainly do love Fall.....

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  1. I know how stressful buying a house is, our house closed May 13th but now that we are in it, life is truly feeling wonderful! Congratulations and many prayers for Hubby's safe and speedy return. Keep your chin up, Geri, you are a real inspiration of what a strong woman is.