Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspector Gadget....

I had the home inspection and termite inspection done on our prospective new home. Nothing major found wrong. The inspector said that for a home to be almost 40 years old it was in excellent condition. I was glad to hear that. The septic inspector stood us up. I was a bit more than pissed since it is a bit of a road trip for me. No termites either. Yay!

My sister has found other living arrangements and will be out of the house by October 1st. Of course, there are still a few kinks in the process. A cousin took an oil lamp that was supposed to NOT go to him. He just took it when he knew good and well it was supposed to go to my grandmother's niece. Some people think they are just entitled to things. I go in with no sense of entitlement at all. I was never close to my grandmother. Not necessarily of MY choosing. When you are little, it is the responsibility of the ADULT to nurture the relationship which she did not, so when I grew up, I never felt the obligation. I know that may sound cold and heartless, but how can you have feelings for someone that never really gave a damn about you?

ANYWAY, our mortgage broker says that everything is looking great on her end, and everything is going good on our end, so hopefully we will be closing on our house mid-October. THEN and ONLY THEN will the squabbling stop, because whatever is left that I don't want will go to Good-Will cuz that's how I roll........

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  1. Geri,
    Glad you are making headway and that you will not have to actually evict your sister... That has to be a weight off your shoulders.

    It's interesting that you bring up the subject of grandparents and nurturing. That was a topic of discussion on the radio today as I made my seven hour drive to Lebanon, VA. You are right...the grandparents have the opportunity to begin that relationship well before the child can even understand ABOUT relationships... I had very good relationship with both of my grandmothers, though my maternal grandmother died when I was only six. The impression she left on me and my five siblings was phenomenal....

    I am soooo crossing my fingers for you and your family, that the house closing goes smoothly and that you find much happiness there.