Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Wanna See a Man About a Dog....

Damn, this shit is HARD! I'm looking for a medium to large sized dog. I would prefer it to be short haired, and I would love it to be a bull dog or boxer. I want a dog, not a puppy that likes cats, and that can hold his own against Axl the dog eater. LOL I would also like it to be housebroken. I have been scouring, and I have found several that fit the bill to the "T" so to speak. So I email them, and they email me back saying, "Aww, I'm sorry, Buster was adopted just yesterday" or last week or last month or whatever.....I want to scream!!!! "TAKE THEM OFF OF PETFINDER THEN DAMN IT!!!!!!" You would think they would be EAGER to take them down. I know I would, or at least put a little "ADOPTED YAY" by their name to show they found a good home. I know I have some steep requirements, but I'm not going to let it get me down....

So, for now, I will continue my hunt and maybe soon I will get to see a Man about a Dog....LOL


  1. I hope you find the perfect dog! A DIY dog is a lot of work, but they can be fun too! :-)

  2. <---always thought that seeing a man about a dog was mancode for needing to take a leak....just saying...

  3. Wish I could send you one of least one of the inside dogs!! We (which I endure) have a corgi, blond cocker spaniel and a jack russell inside, then we have 3 Anatolian Shepherds that live with/guard the goats. We go from really small to really large!!

  4. How are you? Did you find a dog/puppy? What's happening in your piece of the planet? Spring has arrived in TN and it's gorgeous!

    Have a good day!