Friday, July 24, 2009

All things happen for a reason.

I am a firm believer of that statement. There have been many times in my life that I have been disappointed, because something that I THOUGHT I needed or wanted badly did not happen. I would worry over every little thing making myself a nervous wreck in the process. I don't know when it finally "clicked" that I need to change the things that are in my power to influence, and give the rest up. I have been much happier since I have adopted that way of thinking. So now instead of asking "Why me?" I say "Why not me?" and find the good that is mingled with the bad. We are not meant to have all of the answers, and if everything went our way all of the time the world would be a very boring place. As superior beings we are meant to be challenged to FIND alternatives and meant to be creative to MAKE alternatives. Life is what we make it!

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  1. I remember one old friend(she was in her 80's)telling me that worrying is like rocking-a whole lot of effort going nowhere. Getting my ass out of the rocking chair and getting stuff done is very hard for me some days. But I'm not giving up. Never give up! Never surrender!