Monday, November 15, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn.........

It seems as if the leaves have turned overnight. I swear yesterday the trees were still green, yet this morning I awoke to them being awash in color. Although it was raining today it was still beautiful and bright outside. What a wonderful world we live in. The trees painted bright red, orange, and yellow. Who could call a day like today gloomy? To me it was perfect. Renewing rain and trees painted by the creators own hand. I know that in a couple of months the trees will be barren. The technicolor leaves will be in a brown blanket on the lawn, but today......WOW!!!


  1. Amazing isn't it? I went to Florence today and there was so much color! Of course, their trees had been watered on a regular basis.....

  2. It certainly is Sharon! I just love driving and looking!

  3. everytime I read

    total ass on your reaction check boxes

    I just crack up. We have no fall leaves here to speak off. I miss the East coast this time of year.

  4. LOL, I've never had anyone actually check "total ass" though I've been tempted to check it after I have read some of my own crap. LOL I need to take some pics before they are all gone.