Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've Been a Slacker....

I've had a bit of Writer's Block. I'm not sure why though. The Holidays are always a rough time for me, and I know they are rough for a lot of people. So, in that respect I am not special. So today I decided to write, whether or not anyone is around to read it.

Christmas was uneventful and fun. We spent it with my niece and her husband. Zac and I drove home on Christmas day and came back home to snow. I've never had a white Christmas before, so that was kind of neat. Kendra stayed down south to spend an extra couple of days with her father and his family.

As hard as I try though I cannot recreate the sense of true "family" I felt at holiday times when I was a child. I think it is because my family is pretty much estranged from each other. Little groups of us have encapsulated, so the days of the entire family sitting around a table brimming with holiday foods and laughter are gone. We go through the motions, but the EMOTION is not there. I can only pray that my children remain close as adults, and that their children are close with each other. Maybe then we can have that sense of family again with laughter and love around a table instead of utensils clinking against porcelain, glasses being placed on the table, and food being passed in awkward silence.

New Years was a nightmare. I spent it sick as a dog and alone. That is all I have to say about that.

I am still fighting some upper respiratory infection, that even the strongest of the strong antibiotics will not kill.

Zac's Birthday was this past weekend and it was a FUN weekend. We had a small party for him Friday night with an AWESOME cake and a few of his friends, and even Kendra's friends showed up. Zac is quite the character so he is loved by many people. I got him the Wii game "Tony Hawk Shred" and OH BOY did they have fun with that.

I'm having a complete Hysterectomy on January 24th at 8am. I'm a bit nervous about it with my husband being out of the country, but I know it is the right thing to do, and what my body needs. I don't want my children to watch me die like I watched my mother die. Kendra will be my support at the hospital and at home. This next week will be a whirlwind for me. I have an MD appointment on Monday with my regular doc to get medical clearance. I have an appointment with my Gynecologist on Thursday to finalize the surgical plans, and I also have to see the anesthesiologist on Thursday to go over their plans as well. Hopefully, I will only be out of work for 4 weeks, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Work is still work. That is my year so far in a nutshell.


  1. OH! For having writers block, you sure put a lot down! Sorry your family is so disjointed, so is mine, seems the more time passes, the more disjointed it can become.

    Must be SOME virus you have there, to hang on so long. Some do take forever to get better. Take care of yourself so you don't get a relapse.

    Okay, how far back do I need to go to find out why you think you need a hysterectomy? I do not know why your Mom passed so young. Do you have like a gazillion fibroids or something? It doesn't sound very pleasant. If I haven't paid attention - I am so very sorry.

  2. LOL Sharon. My mom died of Ovarian Cancer when she was 50 and I have a sister that is an Ovarian cancer survivor and she was diagnosed at the age of 40. I will be 40 in April. I do have fibroids, but since I have two primary family members that have Ovarian cancer early hysterectomy is recommended since early detection is nearly impossible. My doctor recommends it, and I am all for it. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I don't need it any longer anyway. I will repost the blog about my mom for you.