Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turning 40!

My 40th birthday is April 7th, and I could not be more excited. I'm not sure why, but I am. I happen to share my birthday with my best friend, and I believe "soul mate" Tamara. Soul mate you may ask? Yes, soul mate. Soul mate doesn't have to mean a romantic connection. My husband is my romantic Soul Mate, but Tams and I click in a way that is almost scary. I "met" her about 5 yrs ago on the ebay blogs, and we had an instant connection. We talk daily either online or on the phone, and I am closer to her than I am to any of my siblings. The funny thing is we have never met in person. She is all the way across the country in California, and I am in Georgia. Many people think that is strange, but I don't care. She was brought into my life for a reason, and I am so thankful for that. She makes me laugh when I am down, and she has never NOT been there for me when I have needed her.

This past year she has been tried more than any human should be. She found out she has Stage IV breast cancer with metastasis to her spine and bones, her husband decided that he would leave her, she had hip replacement surgery because of the cancer, she is caring for a special needs child, and she is working a full time job.

So, you may ask, WHY am I excited about my 40th birthday? I'm going to do everything in my power to fly her over so we can celebrate it together and give her a much needed "mini vacation." Plus, I'm going to be 40 and FABULOUS!! Who could ask for anything more?


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Don't get me wrong on this... but does she know about this plan? If I had all those problems, I do not think I would want to go through all the hassle of the plane rides, or fly with a hip replacement, or be away from my special needs child, or be that far away from my doctors.
    JMHO you could get someone to watch your children and fly out there, get a motel with a spa and other amenities and do some things with her there, where she is close to home. She may be just as happy to have you just visit her home and spend time with her there and take her out for some special dinners and maybe do something else fun, but not stressful.
    Don't be upset with me and my ideas, and I don't mean to pop your balloon. It does sound like a wonderful idea - if she didn't have all those problems.

  2. 40....40.....now what can be done....I'll get back to you!!

  3. I do hope you and Tams have a wonderful birthday together! I wanted to meet up with her when we were in San Diego in October, but the work schedule didn't work out. Next time, I am definitely going to take her to dinner, or something!