Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To You....

.....Tomorrow I will be 40. I'm not sad about it or freaking out. Actually, I have a nice day planned, and I thank the Creator that I have made it this far. Two things are missing from my birthday. One is missing just THIS year and that is my husband. The other thing is my mother. On my birthday, when I was living at home she would wake me with a rousing version of "Happy Birthday" sung at the top of her lungs. Once I left home, I would receive a phone call on the morning of my birthday from my mother with her singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately, I haven't been awakened with that wonderful phone call in over 17 years. Fortunately, this is the first year in over 12 years that my husband has missed my birthday, and I will be spending the day with our children and the evening with my friends. I am blessed beyond measure, so no doubt I will wake up humming "Happy Birthday to ME!"


  1. Happy Birthday! (at the top of my lungs). My new granddaughter, Alice, missed sharing it with you by 1 lousy day! Have a great day, Geri.

  2. Geri,
    If I had your number, I would most DEFINITELY have called you and sung HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the top of my lungs!

    Lucky for you, I don't have your number!
    Hope your day was fabulous.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! I, too, would have called, had I known your number! I hope you had a great day with the kids!