Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Marches On.... overused cliche to say the least, but oh how true it is. This month is half over already. I'm sitting here going through Zac's school folder for the week, and he is doing very well. He got straight A's on his last report card, and I was a bit surprised. Not that he isn't extremely bright, but he does have difficulty staying on task at times. There are usually a couple of B's in the mix, but as long as he does his best I am completely ok with that. Not only is this month half over, this year is flying by as well for which I am thankful. My husband will be coming home for 2 weeks leave on Sunday, and I am very excited about this.

I am definitely NOT wishing my life away, but I am wishing this year away. I want my husband home and my family reunited. Kendra will be a senior next year, and then there will be college. What else will be in store for the Addison family? Only time will tell. I'm always up for an adventure.......

as an aside, I am not trying to be rude by not answering comments like I used to. My psychiatrist suggested that I just write, so that is what I am doing....

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  1. Humph! Not answering comments, huh? How many blog posts do you go back to, to see if they had anything to say about your comment? I never do, can't, not enough time! I never for once thought anyone was being rude for not commenting on my comment.

    Hurray, a two week furlough, that's great, I know we won't hear from you at that time.

    Great about Zac's grades! One less worry on your plate!

    Take care now and have a great time when you are all together!