Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I am a "Crazy Cat Lady."

I never thought I would say that I am a "Crazy Cat Lady," but alas that is what I have become. It is a title that I wear proudly! I had been a die hard "dog person" until my friend Jeanie said one day, "I am going to get a Pixie Bob." LOL, to that I said, "Why are you going to cut all of your hair off?" She laughed and explained that a Pixie Bob is a breed of cat. They say that the breed was created when a Bob Cat mated with a barn cat creating the wonderful hybrid that is called the Pixie Bob. I began researching them and everything that I read called them a "dog in a cat's body." I decided then that I wanted one, so my friend Jeanie got herself one and acquired one for me as well. The problem was Jeanie lives in Oklahoma, so I had to find a way to get him from there to here. I managed to find a transporter that would bring him from her door to mine, and on November 20th of 2007 my journey to "Crazy Cat Lady" began.

I had been keeping in contact with the transporter the entire time he was on the road, and at one point I thought he was going to steal my cat. LOL, he said that he drove with him the whole way in his lap, and he asked me if the lady had any more kittens. He had fallen in love with him as well, but he didn't let me down and delivered Axl right to my door. He was the cutest bundle of fur I had ever seen, and I loved him immediately. He has the best personality, and he does have many attributes that a dog has. He is very territorial, and he doesn't care for strangers. He has chased off an air conditioner repair man and the cable guy! I think he looks like a souped up house cat. He has no tail, and his back legs are slightly longer than his front ones. Granted, not everyone would think he is beautiful, but he is to me. I cannot decide whether or not I want another Pixie or a Bengal, but I will be adding to my family as soon as I can. Now all I need is a huge flowered mu mu, lots of blue eye shadow, huge glasses, and a bouffant hairdo, and my transformation into being a "crazy cat lady" will be completed.

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