Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One More Day

February 15th. Wow, this year is ticking right on by, and I am so glad. My mom always said to not wish my life away, but this is one year that I must. I'm ready for it to be done and over with already at least up until November. I have been extraordinarily blessed in the way that I have so far had the opportunity to communicate with my husband frequently...almost daily. For that I am truly thankful, and it has made this whole experience so much more bearable for the both of us.

I have always believed that all things happen for a reason, and if we fail to learn something from it then we have missed an opportunity. My husband and I have talked extensively about this, and we have both learned a lot so far. He has vowed to get his passport paperwork started when he comes home on leave in April. He wants to take more time off for travel and family time. I have vowed to just enjoy his presence more and to not take HIM and his values for granted. He is a good hard working man, and he deserves the most that I can give him.

So, I am once again thankful for being blessed with one more day...


  1. That's really nice that you can communicate so frequently, not like in the "old days" where you used to have to sit and wait for a letter!

    You have a good outlook on life and that's just great!

  2. Nice post, Geri,

    I'll bet he is pretty thankful you are here holding down the homefront, raising the children in his absence, loving and caring for them and helping them with their missing him.


    And it is wonderful that you get to talk with him so often. Sometimes technology DOES help make the world a little better.