Saturday, October 8, 2011

At The End of my Rope...

...and it is fraying. The roller coaster that is house buying is quickly becoming too much for me to handle. We are less than a week from closing, and I get a call from the mortgage broker with MORE conditions! I have had a less than a one day turn around on EVERY item they have asked me for, and today was no exception with the things that I could accomplish. NOW, they are saying that they don't have a current VA eligibility form for my husband. THIS is something they have had WEEKS to tell me. I am so frustrated! I am functioning today on VERY little sleep, because Zac was up several times during the night with his asthma and now this crap that could have been taken care of a LONG time ago.

SO, I had to email my husband to see if he can get the paperwork done, so the STUPID VA can proceed even though our loan has already been approved. Hopefully he can. If not, no house. I'm tired emotional and physically. I have been doing this alone with my husband being overseas. I've been working, running a household, and trying to be there for my children. I can't do anymore. I am officially DONE. I'm letting go of the rope.

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  1. Just praying for you, Geri. It will work out one way or another.