Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What a day! Actually, it has been kind of a crappy past 5 days. I've been fighting a stupid sinus infection since last week. I figured it was all viral like most of these things are, so I just vegged out all weekend on the sofa. I wake up at about 1am this morning so short of breath I didn't know what was going on. I was wheezing, and I never wheeze. Needless to say it frightened me, and I ended up being horribly nauseated and began vomiting. Nonetheless, I got up and got ready for work and got sick on the way to work. I signed in as a patient feeling like hammered ass for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being I hate leaving my co-workers stranded, and I know I was probably a hot topic of conversation today. Vomiting and coughing til I pee my pants does not a productive day at work make. The second reason I hated missing work is that I don't like burning my vacation time on things that aren't, well, A VACATION!!! Gggrrrr. So, I am still coughing like an idiot, but I have managed to get rid of that pain in the ass nausea and vomiting. SOOOO, I have tomorrow off too, and I am back to work Thursday and Friday come hell or high water thanks to the ER doc who is fixing me with medications. I have slept the majority of the day, so I will probably be up pretty late tonight....then again....maybe not.

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  1. Poor girl. take care of yourself. nothing scarier in my opinion than not being able to take a full breath. Feel better quick okay?