Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you ever REALLY know anyone??

Wow! What a week! The events of the past week have really made me step back and rethink a lot of things. The first major event was finding out that one of the paramedics I come in contact with was arrested for rape and is being held without bond. Secondly, and most scary I may add, happened yesterday. While at work, we learned that one of our security guards had committed suicide. This being an awful event in itself, prompted a little internet research. Apparently, he committed suicide after being indicted for a strangulation murder of a woman in Ohio back in 1991. DNA had linked him to the case. Also, upon FURTHER internet research, he had also lost a position as a police officer in 2007 while being held under the suspicion in the disappearance of another woman! WHAT THE HELL??? This man was someone we TRUSTED to keep us safe while at work, and by all accounts was friendly, always smiling, etc... Who can you trust? When you apply for a job they check your credit. Why not run a complete back ground check to see if all of the necessary disclosures have been made? I have certainly been taken aback by all of this, and I will definitely be a little more wary of who I trust. You just never know...


  1. holy shitballs! I (and I'm sure most everyone) try so hard most days to not get sucked into paranoid fearful thoughts and then to have scary reality shoved in your face kinda sucks.
    Here's to being an ostrich!

  2. Amen girl! I'm still freaking!

  3. HOW HORRIBLE!!! they should do a background check on security guards-paramedics too apparently! be careful-sounds like you are working at General Hospital! TOO MUCH DRAMA!!