Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taking a look back...

I took a look back this morning at all of the entries into this blog. I was inspired to start one by Amy and Brook. What can I say? I have had the blessing and privilege to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen since high school. It is amazing how although we are much older and hopefully wiser we have clicked back into place. It took me all of 2 seconds to remember WHY we were friends in the first place. Through reading their blogs I have been able to catch up with their lives and get to know their families.

Brook, wow, what can I say? She is one of the strongest women I have ever known. She has overcome numerous personal adversities and has managed to retain her beautiful sense of humor and artistic impression. Years after we had parted ways I kept a dragon she had drawn stuck to my refrigerator by a magnet. The only reason it isn't there now is because after about a million moves I lost track of it.

Now for Amy. I met Amy in the high school choir. I liked her instantly with her funky 80's asymmetrical hair and infectious smile! Can you say BUBBLY personality??? She began calling me "Bean," because she said that "Geri" reminded her of the way a little kid would say "Jelly Bean." So, Bean was it! I remember her calling my birthday in to a local radio station and hearing "Happy Birthday to Bean from Amy!" She always made me laugh! She has been a career woman, and now she has embarked on the most challenging and rewarding career with being a stay at home mom. Anyone that reads her blogs or facebook posts KNOWS that she excels in that endeavor.

I would like to thank both of them for inspiring me and helping me reconnect with my muse...


  1. Thanks Geri. Really, thanks. I needed that more than a V8! I hope your Zac feels better soon-nothing worse than a sick kid. Except a well kid who hasn't been able to get out of the house and play for a few days. Can't win 'em all!

  2. Well, you know I don't just "say" things. LOL, I say what I mean. Zac is better and WILL be going to school tomorrow. He slept a lot today, but hopefully he will be able to sleep tonight. I can't imagine being "snowed in" with him though. LOL

  3. Hey Bean! Somehow I missed this until now when I was searching your blog for your Thai Chicken recipe. Thanks for the sweet things you said!!! You just made my day. :)
    I was drawn to you because of your wonderful loving spirit-your hysterical sense of humor and your wonderful way of making everyone around you feel special. Love ya girl.