Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why couldn't I have married a "Crazy Cat Man?"

*sighs....I've not ALWAYS had a love for cats. I think it is because I didn't have any of my own, and it is nearly impossible to love someone else's cat. They are so NOT like dogs. Dogs are goofy and will love on pretty much anyone. Cats are a different story. They will usually bond with their "family," and everyone else can pretty much take a hike. Not only did I not marry a man who loves cats, I married a man who is pretty much "anti-fur" altogether, and not in the PETA sense of the word. He was brought up VERY poor, and the animals that they had growing up were not pets they were food. So, needless to say, it has been very challenging to get him to consent to have my kitties. He bonded with Axl right away, but he hasn't bonded with Lily. Axl is pretty much EXACTLY like my husband. LOL, he is quiet and totally NOT cat like in the playful sense of the word. He likes to lay BESIDE you, but not in your lap. Lily on the other hand has got to be in the middle of everything!! She loves to be held and petted, and she can be completely annoying. She infuriates my husband with her antics sometimes, and I think she purposefully does things to get on his nerves. Anyway, with all of that being said, some lovely soul decided to discard the sweetest and VERY pregnant kitty at my house. She is tortoiseshell and has the most beautiful turquoise eyes. I couldn't let her go hungry, so I started feeding her. Tonight it is raining, so Kendra and I made her a bed in the garage. Now, I have to figure out a way to get her INSIDE the house without Mr. Addison freaking out....What to do...what to do......


  1. If she seems content in the garage-maybe she can stay there? My crazy cats want to go out even when it is freezing or pouring rain. I guess the fur keeps them pretty insulated. Get her a nice dry box and she will be ok.

  2. I am Brook!

    I just hate seeing them outside Amy. I know that is MY hang-up not theirs though. My other cats have never been outside, but Axl tries to go out. Lily could care less. LOL