Friday, February 5, 2010


In this day, customer service has never been more important. In the ER we have "Press Gainey" scores that monitor our patient satisfaction. I personally HATE it, because it isn't an accurate reflection of how hard you work. Any patients that get admitted don't count in the survey, and those are typically the patients that we spend the most time with, but I digress. Sitting here on my sofa I had the opportunity to see my wonderful postman CRAMMING a package into my mailbox. It is raining today, and I can understand that. I was afraid that the mailbox wouldn't close, and my mail would get wet. As soon as he drove off I went out to retrieve my mail. He had stuffed the box in there so tightly it took me about 5 minutes to extract it. I thought I was going to have to call 911 for the jaws of life!! How hard would it have been for him to walk the 30ft from the street and ring my doorbell?? He got wetter spending the time to cram my shit in the box than he would have walking to the front door. Maybe he was legless or barefooted. I dunno. So much for customer service!!


  1. I just want to know, what was in the box? Our postman brings my big stuff up MOST of the time, but then again I give him homemade jelly every year at Christmas.

  2. It was a quart of glycerin for my homemade shower gel. LOL My last postman was great! I gave her homemade soap and stuff. LOL