Sunday, August 29, 2010


Typical Sunday morning at my house. Although, I did get to sleep in a couple of hours, and that was VERY nice. I have been very busy lately, and I feel like I don't know which end is up. Yesterday I spent literally all day at a softball tournament with Kendra. Hubby and Zac stayed home. All day at the ball-park isn't exactly their cup of tea, but I quite enjoy it. Other than the wearing of the SPF 90 and STILL getting crispy! Oh this translucent skin of mine!

I don't have too much planned for today. Hubby is knee deep in his last class for his bachelors degree in psychology, and he just so happened to get the biggest asshole of a professor. Needless to say, he is stressing a bit, because he wants this degree, before he goes to the Middle East. I say Middle East, because we are really unsure where he is going to end up. I know they are starting out in Qatar, but my gut tells me that isn't where they are going to finish.

I know a trip to Petco is in order. I poured the last of the catfood in their bowl this morning and the Gecko's are out of meal worms, so off to Petco we must go. That is the only plans that I have for the day. Lunch and Supper are already in the works. I have a HUGE pork roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots in the crock pot already so that is a no-brainer, but a family favorite. Kendra has softball practice at 2pm today. I will sit this one out.

Maybe later ICE CREAM....Who knows? Living and Loving my life!


  1. I kinda thought when you said you were out all day, that you were a crispy critter. I can't take the sun either!

    It's nice to have a Sunday with no big plans, I hope you all enjoy yourselves (and enjoy that roast - yum!)

  2. I am a crispy critter. I'm a fair head freckled girl, so the sun is my enemy. It won yesterday. LOL

  3. Yay, Kendra is going to Petco for me! It is great having a house elf!

  4. Yep, I know that one! Dad's a redhead and I WAS a blonde, but have the redhead complexion....burn, burn, burn... for every season, burn, burn, burn.... (isn't that how that song goes? LOL) Glad you are having a Sundae Sunday!