Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am Most Definitely Down the Rabbit Hole....

So, Kendra and I go to the Rheumatologist, and what a NIGHTMARE that was! The doctor fed me a line of crap, because she had not even gone over my labs or xrays, and I called her on it. She then told me to make my own appointment at Emory for a biopsy. You don't just walk in to Emory, and say, "Hey, I need a biopsy." It was then that I ended the appointment and asked for my records, and they told me that the "records girl" only copied records on Thursday and they charged 97 cents a copy!!! It just kept getting worse. I finally just walked out nearly in tears with only more questions, so I called my primary doctor on the way home and made an appointment with her. I see her on Thursday, so she can hopefully find me a new doctor. I'm nearly at my wits end!!


  1. Hi Geri!

    Me again. Been catching up on your posts. Geez, you have been having the sh*t thrown at you!

    I hate doctors, have come to the point where I just go, tell them I need refills and that I'm fine (even if I'm not) and go home. If it wasn't for the pills that keep me alive, I wouldn't go at all.

    I hate that you are so young and have unknowns plaguing you!

    Doctors act like your records belong to them, I never get to see mine - finally got a few and they didn't even sound like me or my medical condition. This jerk had written that I should stop smoking - I quit twelve years ago! What??? They dictate whatever they think about and it goes on your record. Think they ought to make clips of the visit, that's how long they take....

    Hang in there!


  2. Hi Sharon! Great to hear from you. What these docs don't realize is that until they clear me I cannot work. I am out of MONEY!! And to be honest, I'm not healthy enough to work. There is something wrong with me, and no one cares enough to find out. I have seen a side of the medical field that I thought people only made things up about. Unfortunately, I was wrong.