Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weebles Wobble....

and sometimes we do fall down. Just not yesterday. I came close though. Kendra and I traded phones  yesterday. I didn't even have music on my iPhone, so what was the point? She had an 4G LG Spectrum that was not compatible to her iTunes, so she couldn't get any music on her phone! So we had the bright idea to go to Verizon and trade phones. My iPhone would not back up my contacts on "the cloud" for some reason, so the nice little guy at Verizon had to come up with a plan.SOOOO, since the iPhone isn't compatible with ANYTHING and MOST DEFINITELY NOT the DROID we were trying to trade it with, he had to put our contacts on some other little thingies then transfer them to this other thingy THEN clear out our phones THEN transfer the numbers THEN well, we were at Verizon Too Long for me and my wobbly legs. I was literally using the counter for support. He kept apologizing, but it really wasn't his fault. I think it must be Verizon law that any transaction must take at least 30 minutes, BUT we didn't have to sign in on a stupid computer. He greeted us at the door. What a nice change!

So, "new" phones in hand we left Verizon with me holding on to everything for support. I know people think I am a drunk or something. Most of the time I wish I HAD that excuse. LOL it would be easier just to say, "Oh, don't mind me, I'm just drunk." LOL but then again, I digress. Kendra and I were hungry, actually, I was more thirsty than hungry, but whatever, and I had to pick up Lily Food and fish food. So, we ate(actually I drank unsweetened iced tea more than ate) at Chili's, and got our second wind for PetSmart.

I love PetSmart, and on a normal day could spend hours in there, but yesterday I wasn't feeling it. I grabbed a buggy anyway, more for support than for bugginess, and off I went to the cat aisles. I got Lily food, and then I headed back to the fish aisle to get fish food. That is all I bought. CRAZINESS I know!! No cat toys or new fish. We were just ready to get home by this time!!

So, I have a Rheumatologist appointment today. Hopefully after all of the Xrays and bloodwork, they will have an answer for me. Something has got to give. I'll keep you posted. After all, you come here by your choice, so if you don't care you wouldn't be back. PEACE

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  1. And so, in essence, you once again "defied gravity!" Well done! Now, I sincerely hope you start getting some answers to the health issues.