Saturday, March 13, 2010

PARTII: Anger Management??? Maybe...

Sooo, in my last installment I spoke about my trip to the psychiatrist....that post brings me directly to this one which centers around today....I have been fighting a crazy cold for a couple of days now and last night was horrible. I took my regular night time medications including my Ambien, but was awakened at around midnight with a stupid coughing fit. So I was faced with a conundrum. Do I take the Nyquil that is calling me from the medicine cabinet or do I try and fight it off. Well, the Nyquil won the battle, so I actually filled the dose cup (I usually just take a swig from the bottle), took the recommended dosage, and went back to sleep. I didn't wake up in time this morning to catch the person that snuck in and stuffed my head with cotton and sprayed acid into my eyes. Who knew? Anyhoo, I make my way into the kitchen I am startled by an unGODLY wailing. I realize then that either I am out of cat food or I have unwittingly stumbled into a ghetto funeral. Fearing the latter I quickly rub my eyes under my glasses and moan in despair. I am indeed out of cat food. I have Zac get ready, and I get myself ready...if wetting my hair and slicking it down with hair gel counts as getting ready. I throw on jeans and a t-shirt and head out the door to the Tractor Supply. It is the ONLY store in town that carries the brand of cat food that I use.

-Fast Forward to the Tractor Supply Cat Food Aisle-

One bag left...boy do I feel lucky...I pick it up to put it in the buggy and notice there is enough dust on it to actually germinate seeds, so I look for an expiration date. I find it, and it says, "Use BEFORE 11/20/08. WELL, ALRIGHTY THEN! This is just a tad expired....What follows is the actual transcript between the store "expert" and me.....
Me: Excuse me sir??? Sir???
Store Expert: yes?
Me: Do you have any more Blue Buffalo Cat Food? The bag on the shelf is expired.
Store Expert: You are WRONG about that. That shipment JUST came in.
Me: So, I'm STUPID AND ILLITERATE?? Go have a look for yourself.
**store expert walks and picks up the cat food bag coughs at the dust**
Store Expert: They must have sent us expired stock. You will just have to wait 2 weeks until the next shipment.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Like I'm gonna come back here.

So, off I go....30 miles to Newnan to Petsmart. Blue Buffalo Cat Food and 3 cat toys later I'm back home....fill the cat bowls....they eat and don't care what I've been through....figures....


  1. Wow! LOL!Sorry, I don't mean to laugh, it sounds like you had a pretty bad day. Just the whole "store expert" thing was too funny! You must be a pretty good kitty mama to travel 30 miles for food! ;)Hope you feel better soon.

  2. 從未遭遇失敗的人,對自己或是別人,都是一知半解的。........................................

  3. LOL Brook!

    Talitha it's ok to laugh. I sure did. LOL

    Oriental person that always comments, I have no freakin' idea what you are saying.