Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What to say....

It's been a while since I have written, so I thought I would put down a few thoughts however inane they may be. Earlier this week, I made a post on facebook declaring that I was going to attempt to curb my cussing I sit, watching "Nerd TV" the "History Channel" this time, I am brought to the realization that my little "habit" isn't really that bad. The show that is on at this moment is on American Nazi's, and I am in awe of the ignorance and hatred that still permeates our society. People continue to raise their children to hate black people, Jewish people, etc...We all have our prejudices. I'm not so ignorant as to think that we do not. I just thought I would list mine here so EVERYONE knows where they stand with me. If you fit into one of my categories, feel free to leave me a comment. Afterall, like the Neo-Nazi's it is your constitutional right.
My prejudices...not necessarily in order of importance.
1. Stupid people
2. People that do not take personal responsibility
3. Fibromyalgia(Just a term some doctor made up to fit those of you that continually whine and complain about aches and pains that ALL of us have and most of us get up off of our asses and work through anyway)
4. People that "Suffer from Fibromyalgia" While seemingly related to #3, people with Fibromyalgia do not SUFFER. People with cancer, MS, and rheumatoid arthritis SUFFER.
5. People that think that Medicaid is INSURANCE...Guess what people??? You PAY for insurance. Medicaid is FREE. Paid by me and other people that actually have to work for a living to provide for our families.

While this isn't a comprehensive list, you get the main idea. There is no actual hate of an individual involved....just an intense dislike. Take it or leave it.


  1. LOVE IT! I grew up w/ lots of whiny peeps so I get cha! I know you know this-and I agree about medicaid...but some people do not know that Peachcare for kids (which is Medicaid) is not free. There are lots of people who pay as much as $100 a month-depending on income-but it is still WAY cheaper than insurance. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there!

  2. and still lots of places don't take Peachcare....go figure....THAT I don't get....

  3. ANOTHER example of how govt and healthcare dont mix well.
    Back to stupid people-I have gotten better at not letting them aggravate me. Try thinking of them as sorta cute and puppy like-just don't pet them on the head. They don't like that much.

  4. (sneaks in, cleverly disguised as N.Pelosi)

    WHAT?! FibroMYassA! Got it, Gov't pays for it!

    (throws off mask)

    both thumbs up, Geri.

  5. LOL Kate! You REALLY scared me with that Nancy Pelosi mask....but how can you tell the REAL Nancy Pelosi? She always looks like she is wearing a mask....Botox OD anyone?

  6. I'm with you on this, Geri. It really all boils down to responsibility for your life, your actions and reactions.

  7. Amen to that Chris. People that refuse to take personal responsibility really chap my hide, and become a major topic for my soap if you didn't already know that. LOL

  8. Well, okay Geri, if your hide is chapped just reach into your soap box......

    Kate! You cussed! This is not helping Geri out one little bit! Repent now evil sister!!!