Monday, September 20, 2010

I survived #1.....

Well, hubby left yesterday on stage 1 of his training. He will be gone for 5 weeks then he will be home for 4 days. Then stage 2 starts, and he will be leaving for Ft. Bliss Texas for 5 weeks. After that 5 weeks is up he will be able to fly home for 4 days, and then he will have to fly back where he will be leaving for the Middle East for a year or as his orders say "up to 400 days."

Watching him leave was hard. No doubt it will not get any easier each subsequent time, but it is a necessary evil being an Army wife. He had on his "brave face," but I know he wasn't any happier about leaving than we were about him having to leave. I've got a few days off of work to get my $hit together and to make sure the kids are ok. I'm still not 100% sure it has all really hit me yet. It is a bit surreal.

I'm staying busy. Kitties are my new bed buds. Axl misses his daddy though. He slept in his spot last night, and he will probably continue to do so. After this week, I may try to pick up some baby shifts at work. I can always use the extra money. :) Who can't?


  1. You can call him and email stuff to him, right? I sure hope that is the case! Best bet is to stay busy. If you need a hug or a shoulder, I am here.

  2. Geri,

    Thoughts are with you. Hope you continue to thrive even in hubby's absence. Take care of those wonderful children, both human and otherwise!

  3. Thanks Sharon. Right now he can call me, which is nice, because he is in training.

    LOL Judy, you know my kids and furbabies keep me PLENTY busy!

    I am so blessed to have great friends both in person and in the virtual world. I thank the Lord everyday for the WWW!