Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Morning...

Not much on the radar today. I'm washing my comforter in my new washing machine. LOL. Now to see if my OLD dryer can handle actually DRYING it. This remains to be seen. I am loving this Georgia weather. I actually contemplated turning the heater on this morning to knock the chill out of the air, but I decided to just enjoy it instead. Looks like a Law and Order SVU Marathon is on the docket for today. \o/....back to work tomorrow....


  1. Drying a comforter is so much fun - I have this dryness sensor in my dryer and it will shut off when the outside of the wad is dry, so I have to keep taking it out and unwad it and start over. My dryer is on top of the washer and I am short stuff, so this is not very much fun.
    Enjoy SVU and maybe take a walk in this wonderful weather?

  2. A walk sounds like a great idea! This weather is amazing!

    LOL, I'm sure I'll end up unwadding my comforter about a million times!