Friday, September 17, 2010

Looking Forward....Not Back!!

Big things on the horizon! The hubs leaves on Sunday. He will be at Ft. Stewart training for 5 weeks, then he will be home for 4 days. He will then leave for Ft. Bliss Texas for 5 more weeks, then he will be flying home for 4 days. He will then fly back to Ft. Bliss and fly to Qatar for a year. So for the next couple of months, our lives will be a whirlwind!

However.....the kids and I are not going to just sit at home and wait for Daddy to get back home. We plan on keeping ourselves busy! Kendra has a trip to Europe that is being planned through her Spanish three class. It will encompass Barcelona, London, and Paris! It is scheduled for March 30th of 2012, so we have a little time to plan, and she actually wants me to go! Yay! \O/ That makes me feel GREAT as a mom! It will be her Senior year, and I know that having that experience with her will be irreplaceable! I am so excited, and I can hardly wait! We have so much to do to get prepared though. I have a passport, but she doesn't. So we have to get that done, and of course we have to get the trip paid for.

Zac is always keeping me busy in one way or another, so I am hoping that the next year will fly by. His Dad is planning on doing something special with him and his older brother Vyren when he gets home since Kendra and I are taking our trip. Vyren also graduates in 2012.

I've never wished more for time to fly than I have now, but I hope it whizzes by so fast I don't know what hit me!


  1. Treasure every moment, it's time you cannot get back.

    A trip to Europe, how exciting for both of you! I bet you are already studying all about the places on the itinerary! I know I would be!

    The kids do grow up faster than we realize!

  2. I hope you and the kids have a wonderful year making plans for the future fun times!

    Enjoy your hubby before he heads off!

  3. I know it is Sharon. They grow up too fast.

    Thanks Judy. It gives us something to do!

  4. oh sooo cool that you will do the trip with your girl! I have so many great memories of the trip with my girl, and no regrets. You are an awesome Mom! ( and you will be fine! )