Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say it isn't isn't so....

I walked down the dirt lane looking down at my dusty bare feet. Aimlessly kicking a rain smoothed pebble. I noticed that my knees were skinned, and my left big toe had a scab from where I had stumped it riding my bicycle the day before. All in a day's work if you are 10. I meander down the lane that dead ends into a huge field of corn that my granddaddy has painstakingly nurtured all spring and summer. I mindlessly brush a stray strand of hair from my dirty face and continue my trek into the field of corn that is twice my height. It swallows me up like a green leafy monster consuming me, before I have a chance to consume it. Without thinking I run my hands down the shiny giant leaves and look up at the tall tassels that remind me of the worlds largest marching band. I pause and close my eyes listening to the gentle rustling of the leaves that seem to be whispering my name, beckoning to me, encouraging me. I breathe in air that I am quite sure has to be the purest on earth, and at that moment I KNOW that I am the luckiest person on the that moment I am gently shaken....."Mommy, you don't have to wake me up. I woke myself up." Yes, I was having the most wonderful dreams from my childhood. I did take a fleeting peek at my feet to check for dust, but at his moment I STILL know I am the luckiest person on the earth....


  1. What a pleasant dream! I often dream about relatives, long gone and it's so nice to see them! Have a lovely day, you lucky girl!

  2. aw, corn reminds you of a marching band. How sweet!