Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apparently, I'm Defying Sleep As Well...

or it is Defying me. Something like that anyway. It is 0430 in the morning here in the not so sunny south at the moment. I have been up for about an hour having been plagued by a series of nightmares up until that point, and then rousted out of bed by an overly full bladder. I didn't drink more than usual last night, and I did my pre-bed piddle so to speak, so I should have been good to go. Nay, sayeth the Sand Man. No more sleep for you tonight. So after I had wallowed my hair fuzzy, I just got up. So here I sit under a blanket with monkey motif, computer in my lap, and a fat ass cat on my feet. At least one of us is happy, and I can tell you which one it isn't.....ME!

I am not sure about the resurgence of insomnia. Nothing in our situation has changed. I still cannot work, we still have food to eat, and I still cannot complete a full sentence without forgetting at least one thing I was wanting to say. All things considered we are status quo except Christmas is coming up, but I am not really worried about that. The baby (Zac) will have a good Christmas. The rest of the children are grown and will just have to understand our situation at this time. Having your income cut in half with the same bills is not an easy undertaking, and so far we have been very blessed. I have no complaints in that department. We have not gone hungry, and neither have our children. We have gone without some creature comforts, but we have also learned a very good lesson in the process WE CAN DO WITHOUT IT!

With all of that being said, I still say nothing has given me a reason not to sleep. I did not take a nap yesterday although I could have, and actually, I was more active than usual having made quite a bit of soap. Not that I was squatting over a boiling cauldron all day. Bwahahaha, get a mental picture of THAT!! Still, these days my activities are pretty limited by my physical abilities and stamina which can be next to nothing some days. Yesterday was a good day Thanking the Creator with all of my Being......Maybe tonight will be better although I feel that a nap will be on the books for today......

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