Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Technicolor Rain Dance....

I was thinking of this post yesterday, but my internet has been in and out. So, needless to say, I did not get a chance to write it, so I will write it today.

The weather here in Georgia has been very strange over the past week. It will get semi-cool at night, but during the day it warms to a sixty degree tepid soup that is neither cool and refreshing or warm and comforting. There has been no sun to speak of just a veil of grey that covers everything like a layer of moss on a fallen oak: soggy, unsightly, and with enough creepiness to make you walk faster through the woods. I had gotten to the point where I was praying for rain, snow, sun, sleet, anything other than what it had been. I was checking the weather report daily. No changes. Yesterday, I was sitting here looking out into the back yard, and I see the last of the painted leaves swirling down from the tree in a beautiful dance. I thought to myself that even the leaves are doing a rain dance, and the wind just kept up it's pace and kept the leaves swirling and falling in an almost hypnotic rhythm. I found my eyes transfixed upon the beauty and color in the otherwise grey landscape. My computer forgotten, the television a muffled background to the scene unfolding, and with a clap of thunder the beautiful leaves ceased to dance, bowed, and gave homage to the downpour of rain that was now falling from the sky! I mentally bowed with them, and thanked the Creator for his blessings and giving us what we need when we need it...


  1. I was enjoying the grey palette against which the colorful leaves were showcased in their dance. I imagine that, had it been a gloriously sunny day, or had your Internet been working as it should, or had the TV been more riveting, you would have missed seeing the spectacular show! And, you got your rain, to boot! Wonderful post!