Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma!

If you were here in your earthly form I would have called you by now and belted out in my loudest out of tune voice the song "Happy Birthday." As would have my sister Kelly and my sister Kim. Yes dear readers, I have a sister Kim, although she would not mention me as readily. Her husband will not let her have anything to do with me, because I am married to a black man. With that little tidbit being explained I will get back to the subject at hand. I do, as do my sisters have nice singing voices, but who in the hell can sing "Happy Birthday" in tune? You would be 69 years old today, but I know you would not look it. We have good genes in that department, and you especially. You liked your make up and curling iron. You were beautiful inside and out with a smile that would light up any room. I will not make you out to be perfect and angelic, because you were not. None of us are, but you did the best you knew how to do, and I miss you like crazy. I miss you admonishing me for not wearing lipstick, and when I had one, "hiding my cute figure with baggy t-shirts." I miss your blue and white "Saturday shirt" even though I hated it. Most of all I miss your sense of humor, and I miss just talking to you. You have some great grand-kids, but I know you can see them. I love you and miss you. Happy Birthday Momma!


  1. Lovely tribute. And shame on your sister for even allowing her husband to keep you out of her life because of your choice of husbands! How absurd! I'm happy you can remember your mother with her early faults and miss even those. After all, that is what makes up the people we love... not only their perfections, but their faults. Nice post.