Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feeling a bit better....

....I seem to be on the upswing....for now....I made it through the work weekend once again. I find myself seriously living one day at a time. How cliche I know, but it works, and I know no other way to do it. I never know which "Geri" is going to wake up. LOL I have a meeting tomorrow at work. It is supposed to last for 4 hours. At least I will get paid for it even though it consumes half of one of my 2 days off. I'm going to get my hair trimmed tomorrow...yay me. I lead an exciting life I tell ya! No clue what to do after that. Definitely a shower to wash all of the loose hair off. I can't STAND that! I'm still working on my husband about a dog, so far, it isn't working. If anyone has any suggestions, I will be open to them. I didn't get much Zac time this weekend, so I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend. Friday is field day for Zac, Saturday Kendra has a softball tournament, and Sunday is Mother's Day. I will no doubt, get absolutely nothing, as usual. Yay me!! Maybe I'll get a dog. Maybe hell will freeze over. Maybe another Bush will get elected president. Maybe, maybe, maybe....


  1. It is definitely shed season, I have 47 house cats and the hair rolls across the floor like tumble weed. We use FURminator combs and we never get all the loose hair.

  2. Wow 47 housecats sounds like areal problem to me Geri, way bigger than anything you face. I have no tips on dog acquisition. I just got one. Actually my Mom gave me one. Oiy. Is your hubby afraid of dogs? That would be a hard thing to get past, though not impossible. The hardest part about that is the give and take that is or is not happening between you guys about what's going on there. Oh boy do I remember-ours was about a re-fi on the house btw. It's an old story but talk about how bad the non communication of what was really going on nearly tore us apart. It was a very rough time for us. Anyways one day at a time is all we can do regardless and then be glad when they are done and wrapped in the blanket for bed. Those super short cuts sure do take a lot of maintenance-haha, I know I'm high maintenance but I don't want my hair to be. Maybe you'll get more socks for Mother's day.

  3. LMAO I would NEVER have 47 house cats two is plenty. I just want a dog. I was talking about the hair that accumulates on ME from when I get a haircut. LOL, However, I do have a furminator and I love it.

    LMAO @ more socks for Mother's Day. Probably all I'll get Brook. Honestly, I think I'll just give up on the dog. I did buy another Betta today. Named him Jasper. LMAO, That is 3. I just want to win SOMETHING!!!!!! I don't care how small. LOL Shaved heads are great. I love mine. LOL