Friday, May 28, 2010

Work, work, work....Change, change, change....

Heading back to work tomorrow. This will be my last weekend of working in the "old" ER. We officially move to the "new" ER on June 1, and I am excited and a little bit nervous. It is BEAUTIFUL, and in my 16 years of nursing I have NEVER worked in a brand new area. So, I think it is about time. The new ER is quite a bit bigger and a whole lot different than what we are used to, so it is stepping out of our comfort zone a LOT, but change for the better is a good thing, and we work hard, and we deserve a nice new work area. I am very proud of the place that I work and the job that I do. I am blessed to have great co-workers that understand the meaning of a TEAM. Sorry for all of the run-on sentences, but it is late, and I am ready for bed. Have a great weekend!

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