Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just some Random Thoughts About Religion...

My husband and I took a rather lengthy ride on the motorcycle today. We rode to a small town called Pine Mountain, and the ride itself was actually beautiful. It gave me time to think about a lot of things. As I surveyed the beautiful scenery it's creator was foremost in my mind. I was raised in a tiny church called Reedy Creek Baptist Church. It was a very small church and the environment was more family like than anything. It was our social scenes as well. The pastors there, I remember 2, were soft spoken and weren't the hellfire and brimstone Bible beating type that are depicted in so many movies of southern churches. I know there are preachers like that, but I am so thankful that I wasn't exposed to that type of environment as a small child. Now, as I grew older, I went to different churches and did have the misfortune of encountering this type of "preaching." Basically telling me that if I wasn't in church every time the doors open that I was going to suffer an eternity of pain and suffering in a never ending hell.

My concept of the Creator may differ from yours, but it doesn't mean I am wrong. I believe in an "Afterlife," but I also believe in a "Before life." I may not be "religious," but that doesn't mean I am not a spiritual being. How can one look at all of that surrounds us and not believe in a greater power? Just because I don't put a name to mine, or carry a Bible doesn't make me wrong. I feel the presence of the creator all around me at all times. I choose to not go to church. I don't need the approval of other humans. I don't need someone to say, "Hey, Geri is a great person, because she goes to church." How many times to you see people tossing back martinis at the local watering hole on Saturday night only to show up at church on Sunday morning? So what if you talk it if you don't LIVE it.

I am who I am. I wear a rose quartz crystal around my neck, because I like the energy I derive from it. It's perfectly formed cool edges comfort me, and yes, I believe that natural crystals have healing energies as well. I believe in the basic 5 elements earth, air, fire, water, and finally Spirit. I pray. I know I will see my mom and grand parents again. I also know that they have truly never left me. I believe that spirits will try and make contact. Do you listen?

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