Monday, May 10, 2010

I Now KNOW Why Dogs Hang Their Heads....

.....Out the Windows when they ride.... OK, so as everyone who follows my blog knows, my husband got a motorcycle. "Us a motorcycle" as he puts it. Well, he got the bike on Friday and has been riding it since. Practicing as he calls it since it has been over 12 years since he has been on one. I encouraged this practicing, because he wants ME to ride with him and had me pick out a helmet and purchase it. I prayed to the Ebay gods of slow shipping, but they didn't hear my prayers. My helmet came today, and my husband said, "Let's RIDE!!!!" SOOOOO, I put on some jeans, strapped on my new helmet, took a big dose of courage, and mounted up behind my husband....Hang on he says, so I grabbed a double handful of t-shirt and chest hair and OFF we went!!!

Immediately my senses were overloaded with the smells of spring. Flowers blooming, freshly cut grass, and newly mown hay filled my nostrils and put me into olfactory overload. I would have stood up to get a better sniff had I not flown off the back of the bike and died in a tangle of broken limbs, bone marrow, and denim...As we drove into town, I was assaulted by the smells of diesel, exhaust fumes, and tar. While different than the initial smells, I didn't find them noxious. I found all of the scents strangely comforting and distracting.

Distraction is a good thing when you are NOT driving, had I been driving I would have missed the asshole that pulled out in front of us and the two deer that ran out in front of us....All in all it was an eventful first ride! WOOHOO!!!!!


  1. Nice entry. I find myself breathing deeply to try to get a whiff myself.

  2.! and....YOU.GET.IT!!!
    (fyi: NO titty-grabbing the driver. I could tell you stories...)