Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Random Musing About Cats in Heat.....

.....Well, I know this is a difficult subject for most, but I intend to talk about it. It is quite possibly the closest thing to Hell without actually going. It is a week of cat yowling, rolling around in the floor, and rubbing their genitals on anything and everything that will hold still or is stationary. NOTHING is sacred. Every piece of furniture in my home including my rock fireplace surround has been molested by my normally sweet little brown cat that at least once a month turns into a creature that I do not recognize. This last cycle was particularly bad, and actually had me considering going in to work and doing overtime just to avoid the yowling and howling that was permeating my home. I can take no more. Tomorrow is the day. She is back to her sweet self, and we are hopefully gonna keep it that way. She has no idea that her life will change tomorrow, but I know it will be for the better. They will have to keep her over night and that will make me sad. She will think her mommy has abandoned her, and I will be working Thursday when she is ready to come home, but Kendra will be there bright and early to pick her up. I am so excited!

I know it seems very silly to be excited about something such as this, but I am a huge proponent of Spaying and Neutering your pets. I don't think any responsible pet owner just lets their pets run mamby pamby and have litter after litter of puppies and kittens. It is too hard to find them homes with responsible owners as well. Anyway. I will not get on my soapbox here except to say that I have two pedigreed cats that I could have bred, but have made the conscious choice not to. Think long and hard before you get a pet, and think long and hard before you allow them to reproduce.... Too many unwanted animals out there already.

So, Kendra and I have gone through our blankets and are washing them getting them ready to take to the Animal shelter. They are always in need of blankets and towels. You can take it off on your taxes too!!!

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