Thursday, June 24, 2010


Nothing too special about many Thursdays, and this one is no different. I'm off of work which is nice. I'm up early which is also nice. I'm sipping a huge cup of coffee and watching Lily stalk the Bettas. Now she has moved to the printer that my husband has placed on the coffee table so he can print his school work. I absolutely HATE his "mobile GEEK station" as I call it. It junks up my living room and I hate clutter and disorder.
So, today should be relatively uneventful for me. Kendra is babysitting, I have laundry, and I'm sure once Zac gets up he will be heading outside to play. I plan on getting some rest gearing up for the weekend at work. I actually think my husband is off of work tomorrow. His deployment date has been moved up again. We are now looking at October 25th. Time is marching on......

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