Monday, June 21, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas....

....I was just sitting here thinking about the holidays this year. Being an emergency room nurse kind of sucks around holiday time. We usually alternate holidays. Two years ago I ended up working Christmas Eve and Day, because the way they had me scheduled around that was ridiculous, and the time with my family would have been all messed up. So, last year, I worked Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day. So, that means that THIS year, I should have them both off. The thing is, my husband will be somewhere in the Middle East for both of them. So, Kendra, Zac, and I will have a Merry LITTLE Christmas indeed. Kind of pathetic if you think about it, but at least I will have my children with me. OH, and I can't forget my fur babies either. In the grand scheme of things I have no right to feel melancholy about it at all. At least I will get to BE with my children. My poor husband will be thousands of miles from any of us in a land that doesn't celebrate Christmas. Thank Goodness he will be with friends and it will make the next holidays that much sweeter, because hopefully he will be home with us where he belongs....


  1. That sucks, Geri. Sometimes counting your blessings just makes you wanna scream, huh?

  2. I always wanna scream. LOL