Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's the Little Things...

Tonight I have a "date" with my daughter. We are going to the midnight showing of the movie "Eclipse" with a couple of my friends. Yes, the movies are campy, and they have pretty well all sucked, but it is something for us to do together. The first one was great actually. It was so ridiculous that Kendra and I laughed so hard that we actually decided to get up and leave, but a great time was had by both of us. You are probably wondering why we would choose to do it again. Well, it is simple. It is time that we can spend together. Time that we will never get back, and we hope that maybe the movie won't suck quite so badly. LOL We had tickets for the midnight showing of the second movie, but I ended up with the flu, so she went with friends instead. It just wasn't the same. So, we head out tonight, supper at IHOP, midnight movie, and lots of fun! So, I guess it isn't so little after all...My baby girl is growing up and these are days I won't get back. I cherish every moment that she wants to hang out with her mom. I AM truly blessed to be her mother.


  1. good for you, Geri. when my daughter was, oh, about 14/15, I invited her for an "out-of-towner". we drove about 2 hours, got a hotel room, went to see a movie, decided to get a take-out meal and go back to the room for dinner. threw that food all over the bed, and gorged ourselves, laughing the whole time.

    it is SO important. to make the time.
    again...GOOD FOR YOU!

  2. Thanks K8. Isn't it great to have great kids????

  3. SOOOO important to do the old one on one with your kids. Yay for you and Kendra-have a great time!

    (this is Amy W-my 14 yr old Zach is logged in-opps!)

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  5. Thanks Amy! Kendra and I get along so well, and I want to preserve that. My kids are truly my life.

    To the Asian person: I certainly wish I knew what you were saying so I could respond!