Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making a List......

I am a list maker. I make lists to keep up with lists to keep up with the lists that I make. I have to keep myself organized, or I get really anxious. I know, me? Anxious? Who would have thought it? (HA) Anyway, I like to get started EARLY on Christmas. If I'm not done by November (preferably October) I get anxious. (There is that word again. LOL) So, I've had Zac and Kendra both make their lists. Kendra's is short, easy, and expensive. LOL, she is a teen after all, but I have plenty of time (GULP) to save. She wants an Ipod Touch and some weirdo adapter thingy, so she can use it in her car. Zacs list makes me laugh. It started out as a well organized "list," but now there are things listed all over the paper with things circled and check marked. I'm sure it will get longer and messier as time goes by. I've already bought Zacs "Mongoose Skateboard Twin-Pack," but I have got to buy the helmet. So much to little time....I can check one thing off my list though....

List for this weekend
1. Pedicure
2. Haircut for Zac
3. Get Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Touched up

Maybe hubby will take Zac for the is a chore to get that child to hold still.

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