Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Morning....

It's 8am, and I have 4 days off from work. I am thankful. 4 days to spend with my kids, but I am sad that my husband is not here. He has been gone since last Saturday, and he won't be home again until next Sunday. He has been texting me nightly. Sometimes it is really late, and I wake up to it, but it is still nice to know that he is missing me as much as I am missing him. He is also making sure to text the kids. Poor man, I know he is exhausted, but thank God for modern technology. Had it not been for cell phones who knows when or if we would be hearing from him. He has lots of training coming up getting ready for his deployment. I guess it helps us get used to him being gone, IF you can get used to it. I dunno.

On a lighter note, in lieu of smashing my Blackberry to bits with a hammer I traded it in on a regular phone. I didn't use half of the features and it was driving me CRAZY(er). So, now I have a Samsung Reality and I am happy. I can text and talk and check my facebook without difficulty. It still has a calendar to help me keep up with appointments, so what else can I possibly need or want? PLUS, I don't have to pay the "Smartphone" fees anymore. YAY

I'm not sure what the kids and I are going to get into this weekend. Not too much as our funds are limited, and Kendra has to babysit tomorrow night, but whatever we do it will be together as a family. Thanks to all who read!


  1. No patriotic speech. Sorry he's gone, but will kind of ease you all into his being gone again. Great that he texts! You all need that communication.

    New phone - sometimes all the bells and whistles hinder more than help. It's nicer to have one you can actually use all the functions.

    Picnic - either at the park or on the living room floor. Get out the games. Learn to do something together, like sign language. Good cheap entertainment. Get them involved in crafting - if they like that sort of thing.

    Make the most of what you have and enjoy what you do.

  2. We try to do all of that Sharon. My kids and I are really close and have an awesome time no matter what. I work long hours in the ER, so when I am home we make the most of it. I'm enjoying the quiet right now though, because they are still asleep. LOL Thanks for all your support!

  3. Geri, Even your new "dumb" phone is WAY sophisticated when compared to my er....what 5?6? year old flip phone that has no camera and on which I refuse the Text option! LOL. I really only need the phone to make and receive calls, so I don't want to mess up a good thing...of course, the folks at the phone store want to modernize me, but last time I let them convince me to do that, I ended up with this flip phone... it's cute and small and all, but............I can't read the numbers older BIG phone was still my favorite, even IF it didn't "flip!"

    Home your time off with the kids is GREAT. Glad you guys can keep in contact with hubby/dad through modern technology...

  4. Er.... that would be "HOPE" your time off with the kids is GREAT.... left handed tying... I tell ya!!!

  5. LOL Judy! Sometimes Newer technology isn't BETTER technology! I have learned MY lesson!