Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shhhh, Don't Tell Anyone.....

......yesterday, I had fully intended on resting after working the entire weekend. After writing my blog entry yesterday morning, I went into the bathroom and glanced in the mirror. Most of you know I keep my hair very short, and it had grown just a little too long for my liking, so I decided to call my hair dresser and see if she could fit me in and low and behold she could. We also needed a few groceries, so Kendra said she would go while I was getting my hair done if I made her a list, so I did. She is such a good kid and ALWAYS willing to help. SOOOO, then after that was all said and done, we decided to drive to Tiger Town to go to Petco to buy a different container to put Izzy's meal worms in. The other container allowed them to escape, and they ended up crawling all over the enclosure. (gross)THEN, Kendra and I made another feeding box for Harley. She had outgrown the other one. So then I did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned out the litter box, unloaded the dishwasher, and wiped down all of the kitchen counters. Wonder how I'm going to rest today??????


  1. mum's the word..... (slipping quietly out of Geri's blog post.... I know nothing, I see nothing....all that "stuff" got done by magic... I'm SURE Geri was "resting."

  2. Interesting with all the pet stuff. You know how my day started? The alarm went off and I went downstairs to get my clothes out of the dryer and stepped in dog excrement with my bare feet in the dark. Take THAT you crawly meal worms!

  3. Gee, sounds like one of my days of rest!

    You can rest today by, picking grapes, washing said grapes, juicing said grapes after you wash a load of dishes and the juicer, You can relax with your feet up after you throw a load in the washing machine and time the grapes - just like I'm doing, after that - you is on your own!


  4. Gross Preston! #1 reason I wear flip-flops EVERYWHERE! LOL

    LOL Sharon! Sounds like a plan!