Saturday, July 24, 2010

To the Asian People....

......that answer my posts. While I appreciate your interest and you taking time out to comment, I have no idea in hell what you are saying. Actually, I would venture to say that none of my other readers know what you are saying either unless you are using blogspot to plan some odd military coup and are using us unsuspecting bloggers as a conduit. I'm assuming that if you can READ English, that you can also WRITE English. Please start doing so. It is like being in the damn nail salon and having the workers speak in their native tongue while performing their service, and I find that very unnerving and rude. End of rant....


  1. Hi! (not me, I'm just a WASP) I always feel like they are talking about my fat buns, or my stupid hair or something. Makes me irritated.

    I wonder if they (on the comments) are advertising, or putting a whammy on the comp or what.

  2. Exactly Sharon! I don't have a clue, but it gets a little annoying. I've absolutely enjoyed having you here!