Friday, April 30, 2010

Cats Gone Wild!

...I managed to sleep in this morning which was a welcomed change. Sat down to pay bills for the month. It is my "first of the month" routine. I don't usually mind it. It is my time. Quiet time. I can reflect and be happy that I have enough money to actually cover all of the bills which is VERY nice. Unfortunately the cats have other ideas this morning. They have both stuck their heads in my glass of milk, and are tearing through the house like they are being chased by the most horrible monsters that have ever existed. They are running across the computer keyboard, so I'm having to double and triple check the amounts I am sending to my creditors. LOL I'm in better spirits today. I'm being eyed by the cats again....must be time for the second attack....


  1. Well I am glad to see that our 3am armchair counseling session was helpful. We talked for hours and I felt like we made some real breakthroughs. I do need a nap now though. Blue lives outside at night and just sleeps near me all day. So far it is working out quite well, he only becomes bothersome when he starts crying to go out, or follows me into the bathroom to swat at my handful of toilet paper.

  2. I don't know what has gotten into them today. They are too funny. Lily was running into the kids bathroom stealing Kendra's Bobby pins and Axl was running around the house with Kendra's ponytail holders in HIS mouth. Someone is gonna get their "Hair did I thank"