Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something to consider...

I'm not quite sure, but I think I have too much time on my hands sometimes and think WAY too much about well, just things. I wonder about the lines on my forehead. Are they there because I frown constantly? Are they there because I squint to see? I'm not sure why they are there. If I relax my forehead, my eyes close. Obviously I can't go around with my eyes closed, so am I doomed to have permanent forehead wrinkles? When I am my upbeat and happy self I am considered to be too "in your face." Yet, when I attempt to tone myself down, reeeeeeeeeeel myself in, I am inundated by people asking me, "What's wrong?" "Are you sick?" "Who died?"

Don't cuss so much Geri. Don't talk so loudly Geri. Do you think you can be a bit more diplomatic Geri? Geri, why don't you buy new scrubs? Don't you want to look cute at work?

OK, here is the deal. I am loud and boisterous. I love to have a good time. If cussing is the worst thing I ever do then I think I will be ok. I like my forehead wrinkles and my gray hair. I have great brown eyes and a nice smile. So what if I don't slather my face in makeup. I don't care if I am "cute" at work. I am not there to pick up men or win a pageant. I am always clean and I smell nice. I am fiercely loyal to my friends. I like my steak red and my companions funny.

Me in a nutshell. Take it or leave it.


  1. Wow-we are alike. Except I do always try to pick up men with my awesome fresh baked bread perfume. So far I've only had one taker but eh, I have a few good years left! Oh, and I confess I don't like my forehead wrinkles but could give a shit about grey hairs. I am not up and down but if I know you you and like you I can be pretty loud and boisterous and at other times, when I'm around people I don't know say, pretty tame by comparison. Anywho, here's to plucking eyebrows and wrinkle cream minus the made up goop most of the time.
    ps the copyright thing looks okay to me. If it says what you want it to then you're golden.

  2. LOL to Fresh baked bread perfume! I bet it works for you! Conformity has never been one of my strong points and not one of yours either, you are just a bit more quiet (AT TIMES) LOL I just wish the masses could accept me for me and not try to cram me into their little mold. I will NEVER fit.

  3. Hahaha-when I'm quiet they don't notice that I don't fit, and when I'm all loud and shit they are too distracted by the noise to notice. And they never know that most of the time I'm saying "nyah nyah nyah na boo boo you can't make me". It all works out.

  4. (what Pok said) wtf?

    just had to comment. "when I'm all loud and shit" love it.

    just be you, Geri. just be you. ;)

  5. Hiya Pok! No, I do NOT want to join your Pokemon Trading card club!