Saturday, April 24, 2010


....I rarely make more than one post in a day, but as you can see today is the exception. I'm sitting here at home, Zac, me and the cats. Kendra is off to a friend's house. The other half is gone...again...what else is new, right? I text him, "What are you doing?" He texts back "Rough" Well, at least someone is getting some right? LOL, Is that an appropriate answer to my question? Absolutely NOT. Oh well, no different from most of the answers that I get from him at home. All answers translate into, "Your question isn't important enough for me to pay attention to, so I will just throw out an arbitrary answer." *sighs....Does the end justify the means or is it vice versa? I have no clue. Let me just throw an answer out there for you..."Nilla wafers" Makes just about as much sense doesn't it....Damn I need a vacation from myself.