Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Dream the Impossible Dream...

....or in my case, to dream the ridiculously long dream that feels like a continuum from the day before like I haven't even slept the 3.5 hours that I did manage to sleep so I "wake up" just as tired as I did the day before. The last 4 nights have been just this. I'm ready for my icepick lobotomy please. I will perform it myself. I know how. I dreamed about that too. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH


  1. I watched a video where a woman performed a trepanning operation on herself. It was weird. And nothing like a lobotomy. I feel your pain. Truly.

  2. I know why.
    You're using big words too much.

    I find, thanks to my many years of wisdom-gathering, that this inevitably leads to a sleeplessness/hangover worse than ANY drunken party. (yer welcome)

  3. LOL Brook. I'll be sure to record it for you.

    I know Kate. That is the biggest part of the problem. My mind never turns off...Thanks. LOL