Monday, April 16, 2012

Just as an aside...

Last night I was sitting here bored and feeling sorry for myself. Since causing myself major bodily harm is out of the question for many reasons: 1)I have children that I love than I love my life. 2) I love my husband. 3) I love myself too much. 4) I am the biggest chicken shit in the world, I had an epiphany. I have really missed having my nose pierced. When I moved here and started having interviews, I took it out.I was constantly taking it in and out in and out, and eventually, I just left it out. I thought it would stay open, because it had been pierced for so long... HOW WRONG I WAS!! The damned thing grew up. I was so fond of it.

SO, as I was saying, I was bored, and started digging through drawers, and I found a large sterile needle. I cleaned my nose really good inside and out, sterilized one of my old nose studs, and stabbed another hole in my nose. So, I have my nose stud back. It didn't hurt too much. Well, it only hurt for a little while, and now I have my nose stud back. All is well, and my boredom was assuaged for a few minutes....


  1. This ties right in to my "Never leave a bored woman having a bad hair day alone with scissors." I'll have to add sterilized needle to that since I miss my nose ring too-I ripped the fuck out of that thing and had to take it out so it could heal with out a keloid forming.

  2. It was pretty easy and didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. That area is pretty thin anyway. I'll post a pic. Just put something on the inside so you don't go sticking your septum. I used a plastic thingy that you screw wires together with. LOL. I do not need to be left alone to my own devices much.